Contingency Planning

Whitepaper: Contingency Planning for the CIOs Office

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The economic impact of COVID-19 has exploded into a Black Swan event, causing businesses across all verticals to significantly lower revenue projections.

This has increased pressures on CIO’s to develop contingency plans against an impending significant cut in technology budgets.

Rationalizing investments against business-critical vs. discretionary spending and developing alternative scenarios can be a daunting task.

At Inpensa we want to contribute to solving our customers’ most pressing issues, so we created an offering previewed in the attached that can help CIO’s gain visibility to their investments through the lens of prioritization.  We can deliver contingency planning solutions in days, with scenario planning and modeling done in minutes, resulting in base-case to best-case scenarios.

This turnkey, rapid response approach is necessary to drive the most impact as time is of the essence.