Today’s Finance organizations require broad capacity and capability to marshal and manage cost and benefit information associated with strategic initiatives.

Crucial perspectives range from financial planning and analysis (FP&A) to capital budgeting, and technology finance.  Finance works closely with Shared Services Functions, including HR, Technology and Legal along with line of business and strategy organizations throughout the process.

The Inpensa Connected Capital Planning platform equips finance professionals with the comprehensive data handling capabilities, transparency, visibility and accountability needed to ensure optimal return on capital deployed and alignment with corporate objectives.

Inpensa Platform Capabilities

With Inpensa, Finance professionals at all levels actively ensure prompt deployment of capital to drive the best outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Capital Planning
  • Investment Idea Capture and Planning
  • Business Case Development and Analysis
  • Benefits Realization
  • Portfolio Analysis and Optimization
  • EPS and Earnings Optimization

Standardize and Institutionalize Connected Capital Planning

Inpensa standardizes and automates the comprehensive collection and handling of financial data associated with strategic initiatives while providing an online environment for all stakeholders to collaborate in real-time.

FP&A and technology finance professionals spend more time providing insights and guidance, with less time spent coordinating and scrubbing data entered through a manual, off-line process.  With Inpensa, Finance professionals play an essential role in making better investment decisions faster.

At the outset of the business case process, the Inpensa Platform captures and visualizes each proposed initiative from both the cash flow and balance sheet/profit and loss perspectives.  Inpensa automatically calculates depreciation and amortization using company rules for intelligent data capture and accurate schedule calculation, including method, useful life, and in-service date.

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Capital Planning and Portfolio Spend

Through a comprehensive data model and advanced analytical capabilities, the Inpensa Platform powers the capital budgeting process by providing a continuous planning framework.

Capital expenses are automatically extracted from initiatives under consideration and in-flight and cascaded into the corporate planning structure.  With these capabilities, budgeting experts bring real-time, high fidelity focus to the capital planning process, balancing carryover projects with new initiatives and guiding expenditures to spending targets in an interactive process working closely with project sponsors in real-time.

FP&A experts use Inpensa’s comprehensive portfolio optimization and re-balancing capabilities to optimize expenses and maximize output.

Advanced data visualization capabilities deliver real-time project prioritization across a portfolio of investments and potential projects.  Scenarios rank projects by one or more criteria and analyze relative to budget to optimize wallets.

Benefits Tracking Drives Accountability

Inpensa automates the benefits tracking and realization process from project set-up to benefits realization.

The Inpensa Platform ingests data directly from the general ledger and other systems of record. The system automatically calculates progress on key financial metrics such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), payback period, and more.  Forecasts update automatically using the company’s methodology.

Governance processes ensure financial and business benefits are actively reviewed and certified by appropriate executive sponsors, powering Finance teams with high fidelity information for incorporation into a range of analytical views.

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Board and Executive Level KPIs

Stakeholders at all levels of the organization can use the Inpensa Platform to gain valuable insights and make better decisions sooner.  Inpensa’s range of analytics includes:

  • Dashboards that provide at-a-glance information on projects in-play and in-flight, financial metrics, and program health, an activity center, and more
  • Multi-level reports that automate the assembly of data to support critical decision gates, such as governance committee reviews to determine funding viability for proposed initiatives or projects underway
  • Portfolio capabilities that support prioritization and re-balancing across a range of criteria relative to budget guidelines
  • Ad hoc reporting that allows rapid vetting of new perspectives and insights

Executives use Inpensa’s analytical capabilities to chart and communicate progress on strategic initiatives to internal teams, senior management, the board, and shareholders.

Active Partnership and Rapid Response

Finance professionals advance from collecting and managing data in a manual, off-line process to providing active partnership to IT, strategy and line of business teams, using Inpensa to accelerate the assembly, analysis, review and approval of business cases.

Benefits realization tracks against plan and forecast, with capital planning run as a continuous process.

More than ever, businesses today must be ready to address any challenge or opportunity from the company or industry perspectives, as well as changes in the market or even global dislocations.  Finance is always prepared to respond with Inpensa.

Portfolio re-balancing and advanced contingency planning capabilities are available with a single click.  Real-time access to information supports optimization of expenses and benefits, isolating savings opportunities by focusing on non-committed discretionary spending that can immediately impact outcomes ranging from expense reduction to earnings optimization.

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