Capex Tracker

Inpensa tracks spending during the execution phase to optimize spend and shadows operations to realize benefits stated in the business case.

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With Inpensa’s Capex Request, you can standardize the idea intake form and business case templates to enable your lexicon and can make the workflow governance reflect your approval chain matrix.

To maximize the ROI of your investments, you must have the ability to track your project’s overall performance.

With Inpensa’s Capex Tracker, you can track spend during project execution and use the data to make course correction as needed along the way.

After execution is complete and the system (or service) becomes operational, you can also track financial and non-financial benefits such as cost saves, avoidance, and revenue, KPIs, and other intangible business outcomes.

Performance Dashboard

Business Intelligence dashboards, are a powerful way to help people collect, share and analyze their business data to make informed decisions.

Dashboards help investment sponsors and plan owners  monitor execution and shadow operational activities to more effectively optimize the spend and realize the stated outcomes.

Measuring KPIs

Configured KPIs meet a range of needs, such as essential financial metrics, tracking of measurable business outcomes, or project health.

Three pillars of CapEx Tracking with graphs and screenshots from dashboards.

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