Streamline and Simplify: Eliminate Offline, Manual Tools and Processes

Inpensa’s Connected Capital Planning platform manages the full life-cycle of strategic investments, providing a collaborative environment for use across all stakeholders and levels of the organization.

Say Good-bye to Spreadsheets and Disparate Manual Processes for Managing Investments

From the Office of the CIO to the Office of the CFO, the Transformation and Strategy Office, and across business lines, stakeholders collaborate to drive compelling value through the Inpensa platform.  Users across all areas work in a unified, real-time environment that always ensures current, accurate information through intelligent data capture, process automation, and actionable analytics.


Office of the CIO

With the Inpensa Connected Capital Planning platform, the Office of the CIO and the entire technology organization engage in a proactive and impactful manner in all aspects of the strategic initiative assessment and management process.







Office of the CFO

The Inpensa Connected Capital Planning platform equips finance professionals with the comprehensive data handling capabilities, transparency, visibility and accountability needed to ensure optimal return on capital deployed and alignment with corporate objectives. It also provides standardization required for auditing and governance.






Transformation & Strategy Office

The Inpensa Connected Capital Planning platform for digital transformation delivers a means to institutionalize and manage programs, giving executives the ideal balance of collaboration, governance, transparency and accountability. With Inpensa, digital transformation is elevated from a strategic program to a sustainable competitive advantage through a continuous improvement framework.  Track benefits and business outcomes in real-time with performance monitoring capabilities.

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