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Inpensa standardizes and automates the full lifecycle for strategic investment governance.

From idea capture to business case creation to benefits tracking, the Inpensa Platform makes managing Digital Transformation initiatives easy with powerful actionable insights and analytics.

The Inpensa Platform leads the way with:

  • Best practices for investment governance during a period of uncertainty and volatility.
  • Framework that will help institutionalize and manage transformation programs.
  • Benefits of standardizing and automating the end-to-end business case lifecycle.
  • SaaS solution easy to implement and manage.

COVID-19 and the uncharted path forward have rapidly accelerated the need for organizations of all sizes to transform and respond to unprecedented change. Black Swan events in recent months have resulted in global dislocation, impacting how organizations operate in almost every aspect of life.

Increasingly, companies are considering an end-to-end approach to strategic initiative governance as fundamental to the Digital Transformation process.