Capital Appropriation Request

Inpensa standardizes and institutionalizes the process of assembling, analyzing, reviewing and approving capital requests from idea to spend.

The Inpensa Platform eliminates the use of off-line tools such as spreadsheets and slide decks that rely on manual processes, which create bottlenecks and impacts quality and timeliness of information used to make crucial decisions.

With Inpensa, you can significantly improve the process of capturing project ideas, developing a business case and accelerate it through our dynamic approval workflow process.

Detailed financial information and other vital criteria come together to fully characterize a potential investment opportunity in a standard format that facilitates rapid and objective assessment.

Capture New Ideas with Cross Functional Data Input
Develop Business Cases & ROI Analysis Online
Manage Approvals
Through Workflow

Capture Detailed Costs

Users rapidly and accurately capture detailed cost information in the Inpensa Platform through advanced intelligent data capture capabilities. At this phase of the life-cycle, financial information initially obtained at the annual level is vetted and detailed at the quarterly level.

Inpensa makes it easy to add precision to a business case definition. The system identifies things like which general ledger accounts are eligible for capital costs and, based on asset type, depreciation method, useful life, and in-service period.

The automatic calculation of depreciation and amortization schedules ensures that every business case’s balance sheet representation is correct the first time and every time.

Manage Approvals Through Intelligent Based Workflow

Ever wonder who is next on the approval chain? Are you waiting for email responses to let you know your investment has been approved? That’s solved in the Inpensa Connected Capital Planning platform with its intelligent workflow approval process.  The workflow is role and policy based and routes approval to the appropriate approver based on company policy.

  • Quickly send projects for approval
  • Visually view the approval chain and status
  • Answer questions directly in the system
  • Manage approvals based on policy

Standardize and Automate the Capital Planning Processes

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