Transformation and Strategy Office

Many organizations have embraced Digital Transformation as a means to maximize the impact of investments in strategic initiatives.

Deploying people, process and technology to compound outcomes and enhance capabilities requires Digital Transformation leaders to orchestrate a wide range of activities on an ongoing basis.

The Inpensa Platform for Digital Transformation delivers a means to institutionalize and manage programs, giving executives the ideal balance of collaboration, governance, transparency and accountability. With Inpensa, Digital Transformation is elevated from a strategic program to a sustainable competitive advantage through a continuous improvement framework.

The Inpensa Platform

The Inpensa Platform empowers strategy offices to manage transformation initiatives for tangible results.

  • Results-Focused Transformation Management
  • Strategic Alignment Across All Portfolios
  • Benefits Management and Tracking
  • Executive and Board-Level KPIs
  • Portfolio Re-Balancing and Optimization
  • Transparent Communications

Plan Investments by Aligning with Strategy

At the outset, transformation executives can work with a line of business, Finance and Technology teams to capture high-level attributes of a proposed initiative with a framework to objectively assess strategic alignment and support for the development of capabilities central to the transformation mission.

Inpensa’s unique ability to standardize and automate the capture of cost and benefit information rapidly completes the initial profile for a proposed project.

To help ensure balanced deployment of resources, Inpensa’s portfolio management analytics easily visualizes how individual proposals, projects in-flight, and already delivered capabilities align with goals and objectives.

Digital Transformation officers must deliver results while operating within budget guidelines. Inpensa provides detailed financial data marshaling capability though a collaborative environment used by all stakeholders in a prospective project to create a cost and benefit profile rapidly.

Decision-makers use this profile in conjunction with additional context captured in the Inpensa Platform to vet feasibility further.   By incorporating characteristics such as strategic value and ability to execute, a comprehensive assessment leads to the optimal blend of projects to deliver the highest value.

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Continuous Monitoring and Ongoing Prioritization

The Inpensa Platform offers advanced capabilities that support an agile funding model, allowing Digital Transformation governance teams to release funds in tranches with the successful delivery of capabilities and realization of associated benefits as part of a larger project or program.

On an ongoing basis, capital planning experts can analyze and understand the balance sheet impact of planned and in-flight Digital Transformation initiatives, along with routine running the business activities requiring capital expenditures.

Track Benefits Realization

Detailed benefit tracking at the project, program, and overall transformation strategy level provides the transparency and accountability required to make and manage decisions with timely, accurate and insightful information.

By capturing detailed financial and related information from the outset, Inpensa tracks the success trajectory of each project in a program from the plan, forecast and actuals perspectives.  The addition of progress toward quantifiable business outcomes completes the benefits profile.

Board and Executive Level KPIs

Stakeholders at all levels of the organization can use the Inpensa Platform for Digital Transformation to gain valuable insights and make better decisions sooner.

Inpensa’s range of analytics includes:

  • Dashboards that provide at-a-glance information on projects in-play and in-flight, financial metrics, and program health, an activity center, and more
  • Multi-level reports that automate the assembly of information to support critical decision gates, such as governance committee reviews to determine funding viability for proposed initiatives or projects underway
  • Portfolio capabilities that support prioritization and re-balancing across a range of criteria relative to budget guidelines
  • Ad hoc reporting that allows rapid vetting of new perspectives and insights

Executives use Inpensa’s analytical capabilities to chart and communicate progress on the transformation journey to internal teams, senior management, the board, and shareholders.

Accelerate Transformation with Automation

Replacing off-line tools and manual processes, the Inpensa Platform becomes a crucial element in the Digital Transformation roadmap, using the Platform to digitize the end to end investment governance process.

Comprehensive automation speeds initiative analysis, review, and approval and records benefits certification, providing real-time visibility and accountability for all stakeholders.

Teams can identify and capture new best practices for investment governance when encountered in transformation efforts.  Rules-based workflows and access profiles based on role and condition ensure new processes are institutionalized for ongoing use.

Incorporating the Inpensa Platform helps Digital Transformation executives create a bridge between initial stages of planning, executing, measuring, and iterating on a strategy and incorporating transformation into the ongoing rhythm of an enterprise.

The Inpensa Platform for Digital Transformation provides the framework, capabilities and cadence for an organization to anticipate and respond with confidence, velocity and agility.

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