Transformation Management

Results measure the effectiveness of transformation initiatives. Yet, tracking of benefits has proven difficult for annual corporate projects or programs that carryover across years.

With senior executive teams and boards relying on the success of transformation initiatives to change the organization’s trajectory and provide lasting value, benefits realization has emerged as a central challenge.

The Inpensa Platform defines benefits and tracking methods at the outset by linking business case creation to outcomes.

With Inpensa, executives can easily understand progress in the capture of benefits across a range of financial and business metrics.

Simple navigation from the portfolio to the program, project, and even line item level delivers the insights required to optimize return on capital deployed for transformation programs and other strategic initiatives.

Inpensa solves the most fundamental business problem

Tracking Benefits Throughout the Value Period

Inpensa solves the most fundamental business problem long associated with useful measurement of benefits realized compared with benefits contemplated at the time of business case approval.

The overwhelming number of business cases capture most, if not all, benefits following the project execution or project set-up period.

A Project Portfolio Management framework focuses on the delivery schedule and associated details, such as time-tracking and resource management.  Accordingly, visibility ends with the completion of the project set-up phase.

The Inpensa Digital Investment Governance Platform tracks outcomes throughout execution and the value period that follows.  Whether capabilities are delivered in sprints in an agile model or following a single go-live event, the Inpensa Platform provides visibility across the full investment life-cycle from initial idea through the entire value period.

Throughout the life-cycle, measurement periods may range from annually early on to monthly during benefits realization.

Tracks and Records

Inpensa tracks and records financial benefits tied directly to a project or program at a detailed level through data sourced from the general ledger chart of accounts and organizational hierarchy.

The Platform can also acquire data not represented in corporate financial systems, such as cost saves, through automated direct data entry.

Baseline and Target Values

Besides financial benefits, measurable business outcomes often are considered in the business case approval process.

With Inpensa, the baseline and target values for these benefits are identified and tracked.

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Strategy and Transformation Offices

Managing Transformation for Tangible Outcomes

Strategy and Transformation Offices use Inpensa’s benefits realization capabilities to monitor and track outcomes as part of an ongoing process to ensure alignment and communicate transparently.

Inpensa ties benefit realization to business case and strategy, establishing a full life-cycle approach ideal for managing transformation initiatives for tangible results.

Automates benefit tracking

Transparency, Visibility, Predictability and Accountability

The Inpensa Platform automates benefit tracking and provides all stakeholders with real-time access to always current results. Inpensa tracks the capture of value according to plan and provides a forecast that can be automated according to company standards or managed directly by team members, as appropriate.

The system visualizes changes in net projections, cash flow, and balance sheet impact, along with tracking of fundamental metrics such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), payback period and more.

Tracking Benefits

By tracking benefits from these perspectives at a project, program or portfolio level, initiative sponsors, and executive decision-makers gain valuable access to high fidelity information that enables proactive decisions that can impact outcomes.

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