About Us

What's behind a name?

In Latin, “inpensa” means cost, expense, or outlay—terms organizations are all too familiar with. But are those expenses driving value and realizing positive returns?

At Inpensa our vision is to help organizations optimize their expenses by enabling them to make more informed decisions about how to invest in projects that will yield the highest value for their organization.

Inpensa was founded by former enterprise executives and practitioners who can relate with the needs of our customers.

They built the Inpensa BCM platform out of their own frustrations, depending on large teams to pull data together, error-prone manual spreadsheets, and waiting months to get answers to simple questions. They witnessed millions of investment dollars wasted based on erroneous spreadsheets. When people left the company the data often left with them.

The funding approval process took too long and usually created a bottleneck to getting initiatives started. And on top of it all, once the investment was approved it was next to impossible to accurately track all of the benefits that were supposed to be delivered.

After working in large companies with access to the industry’s best software platforms, they were still unable to automate their business case management process and get the data they needed to make better informed decisions. The existing software just wasn’t cutting it.

So the team decided to build a solution that can manage the process end-to-end—from idea to benefits realization.

The Inpensa platform offers incredible scalability, from small companies to large and complex organizations.

When you work with us, you get access to an experienced and dedicated team that understands your frustrations and has your organization’s best interest in mind. Partner with Inpensa and let us help you solve your challenges and make your company more competitive.