Inpensa Capex Management Platform

An End-to-End Continuous Planning & Asset Maintenance Solution for Capital Investments

Inpensa Capex Management Platform

A holistic approach to managing the capital investment lifecycle process by allowing organizations to define, plan, and monitor all activities in real-time through a modern cloud-based SaaS platform.

The platform facilitates capturing ideas, business cases, and proposals in a collaborative way from a multitude of resources potentially spread across global locations; it helps rationalize business cases by closely comparing the value the investments bring to organization against the total cost of ownership; it introduces governance through approval chains and gate reviews; and, it establishes a single source of truth for business cases and cost saves (targeted as well as realized.)

Inpensa Capex Management Platform provides:

  • Multi-year Capital Planning
  • Scenario Modeling
  • CapEx Request and Workflow Management
  • Asset tracking throughout useful life
  • Real-time reporting and KPI management
  • Hosted by AWS in a secure SOC I & SOC II environment

With the Inpensa digital Capex Management Platform, you can proactively monitor assets that were placed in-service as part of capex projects.

The Asset Tracker component of the Capex Management Platform automates the depreciation / amortization schedule for the capitalized asset and is proactive in alerting asset owners about their upcoming renewal / replacement.

Benefits of Digitizing Capex Management

Optimize Capital Spend – Increase ROI

Real-time Reporting and KPI Tracking

Streamline and Automate Processes

What You Get: Business Capabilities

Capex Planner

Multi-Year Multi-Pass Planning

Capex Planner automates the overall planning and prioritization of capital investments.

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  • Manage multi-year plans for the BUs or the whole company
  • Establish budgetary guardrails and funding sources
  • Provide ROI and scenario analysis to optimize portfolio
  • Automate ATL/BTL selection based on scorecard and ranking
  • Enable interactive prioritization through collaborative passes
  • Track actuals against plan, reprioritize and rebalance plan
  • Integrate plans with customer ecosystems

Capex Request

Business Case Analysis & Approval

Capex Request module aids in collaboratively capturing the business cases and objectively obtaining the management approval / funding through the client-defined workflow.

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  • Manage end-to-end funding request process from idea capture through business case approval
  • Create business cases with prebuilt templates
  • Leverage workflow to speed up approval process
  • Enables Agile-based funding and approval
  • Institutionalize governance and standardization
  • Integrate with customer ecosystems to export approved investments

Capex Tracker

spend tracking & benefit realization

Capex Tracker oversees the execution activities to track spend and ensure adherence / realization of the business case ROI.

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  • Track capital plan to forecast and actuals
  • Use real-time data to monitor financial benefits and business outcomes realization
  • Use health status to quickly identify under-performing investments
  • Be prepared with executive-level reporting and KPIs
  • Drive accountability by tracking actuals against plan
  • Integrate with customer ecosystem to import actuals and forecast

Asset Tracker

capex maintenance

Asset Tracker module keeps track of capital assets that are placed in service as part of execution, maintains the depreciation / amortization schedule, and seamlessly aids the business in the renewal process.

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  • Create register of assets procured and placed in service as part of execution
  • Track assets placed in service during their useful life
  • Maintain depreciation / amortization schedule for the useful life
  • Manage replacements and renewals

What You Get: Business Capabilities

  • Single Sign-on
  • Policy Based Access Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Standard Reports
  • Self-Service Reporting
  • User Communities
  • Version Management
  • Self-Service Administration
  • LDAP / Active Directory
  • Export / Import

Facilities Capex Maintenance Management

Our solution helps customers manage their capex related maintenance expenses for multiple locations globally.

Maintaining retail, manufacturing and corporate facilities is complex.  Tracking and managing hundreds to thousands of capex purchases annually is a daunting task.  With Inpensa platform you can manage the entire process from: ideation, business case development, approvals, reporting and asset management.  All in one solution.  Learn how customers are Inpensa solution to streamline and optimize their capex spend.

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Join Fortune 2000 Executives Who Are Benefiting from the Inpensa Connected Capital Planning Platform

"With Inpensa we were able to move off spreadsheets and get the entire company on a standard capital planning solution."

– CFO, Financial Services Company

"With Inpensa we can quickly and objectively analyze capital request and ensure we're selecting the highest value investments."

– CIO, Global Technology Company