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The Inpensa Platform

The Inpensa Platform for Digital Investment Governance provides full life-cycle capabilities from Idea Capture to Business Case Development and Analysis to Transformation Management and Benefits Realization.

Advanced capabilities include Portfolio Management and Contingency Planning, Actionable Analytics, and Integration with transactional systems, fueled by comprehensive Governance to drive standardization and automation throughout.


THE Inpensa Platform

Eliminate Off-Line, Manual Processes

Idea Capture and Pipeline Management

Inpensa captures ideas for new initiatives at the source.  Whether the point of origin is in a line of business organization, IT or elsewhere, the Inpensa Platform provides the ability to register and characterize early-stage ideas rapidly.

Business Case Analysis and Development

Inpensa standardizes and institutionalizes the process of assembling, analyzing, reviewing and approving business cases. The Inpensa Platform eliminates the use of off-line tools such as spreadsheets and slide decks that rely on manual processes.

Transformation Management and Benefits Realization

The Inpensa Platform defines benefits and tracking methods at the outset by linking business case creation to outcomes.  With Inpensa, executives can easily understand progress in the capture of benefits across a range of financial and business metrics.  This enables transparency and accountability for delivering benefits for transformation initiatives across the organization.

Actionable Analytics and Real-Time KPIs

Stakeholders at all levels across the full investment governance life-cycle gain valuable insights through Inpensa’s actionable analytics and KPIs.  Inpensa eliminates labor-intensive, error-prone processes to manually extract and aggregate data from multiple off-line systems to produce presentation-quality graphics.  With a few clicks the Inpensa Platform provides analytics with real-time data.

Portfolio Management and Contingency Planning

Inpensa helps companies meet the challenges associated with understanding how to create, optimize and manage portfolios of investments to best align with corporate strategies and address constraints.  Unique modeling, visualization and analytics allow for broader and deeper portfolio management and contingency planning activities.  The Platform provides rapid scenario analysis and modeling to optimize investments.

Governance and Integration

Inpensa Platform governance capabilities extend to the foundational data level.  Intelligent data capture drives automation and fidelity, presenting users with valid data type selections and values. Essential information from other systems of record incorporates easily into the Inpensa Platform.  Inpensa REST API integration connects with data at their source and makes them available in real-time.

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