Portfolio Management
and Contingency Planning

Inpensa helps companies meet the challenges associated with understanding how to create, optimize and manage portfolios of investments to best align with corporate strategies.

The Inpensa Digital Investment Governance Platform data model addresses the full life-cycle of strategic initiatives. By linking to the Inpensa data model, Platform portfolio management capabilities offer unique modeling, visualization and analytics allowing for broader and deeper portfolio management and contingency planning activities.

With Inpensa, portfolio management evolves from an annual or quarterly task to an ongoing optimization process to drive continuous improvement and rapid response capability.

Portfolio Optimization

Inpensa makes it easy to create and analyze portfolio scenarios for many dimensions, such as benefits, with above the line analysis to incorporate budget guidance, all while illustrating which initiatives are already approved and inflight. At scenario creation, managers can analyze a portfolio from many perspectives.

Visualized in a quadrant format

Projects selected for a collection can be visualized in a quadrant format to illustrate how the included initiatives map in terms of strategic value and ability to execute. It provides useful checks and balances relative to the optimization criteria used to create the portfolio.

Portfolio managers can probe deeply into additional analytical dimensions to better understand attributes, such as cost by region or investment category, or benefits by type.

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Portfolio Automation
and Re-Balancing

Because Inpensa’s portfolio capabilities are integral to the Platform, portfolio managers enjoy real-time access to data as underlying business cases are created and evolve. As proposed initiatives are defined, rules-based automation places them into the appropriate portfolios, ensuring consideration for every business case as part of an ongoing optimization process.

Always available current information on all proposed and inflight initiatives supports portfolio re-balancing activities as needed, eliminating delays associated with manually aggregating and scrubbing data from off-line systems and files before proceeding to analysis.

Contingency Planning

Even the best-optimized portfolios are sometimes subject to the uncertainty that arises suddenly due to corporate, market, economic or even global dislocations.

The Inpensa Platform automates contingency planning and delivers scenario analysis and actionable analytics in real-time.

With Inpensa, ongoing portfolio optimization rises to a new level, allowing decision-makers to immediately understand the near and medium-term expense and EPS impact.

Inpensa’s contingency planning capabilities provide immediate visibility to non-committed discretionary spending that can be eliminated or deferred, illustrating the effects of focus on projects at different priority levels.

Visualization of the impact on costs for target periods and associated benefits deferral supports high-quality, timely decisions.

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