Business Case Analysis
and Development

Inpensa standardizes and institutionalizes the process of assembling, analyzing, reviewing and approving business cases.

The Inpensa Platform eliminates the use of off-line tools such as spreadsheets and slide decks that rely on manual processes, which create bottlenecks and impact quality and timeliness of information used to make crucial decisions.

With Inpensa, teams assemble business cases collaboratively with access to current information in real-time.

Detailed financial information and other vital criteria come together to fully characterize a potential investment opportunity in a standard format that facilitates rapid and objective assessment.

Capture Detailed Costs

Users rapidly and accurately capture detailed cost information in the Inpensa Platform through advanced intelligent data capture capabilities. At this phase of the life-cycle, financial information initially obtained at the annual level is vetted and detailed at the quarterly level.

Inpensa makes it easy to add precision to a business case definition. The system identifies things like which general ledger accounts are eligible for capital costs and, based on asset type, depreciation method, useful life, and in-service period.

The automatic calculation of depreciation and amortization schedules ensures that every business case’s balance sheet representation is correct the first time and every time.

The Platform

Inpensa automates the capture of operating expenses as well, managing accounts eligible for one-time and ongoing costs.

The Platform handles labor costs for permanent and contingent resources through an advanced rate card capability that allows for the capture and management of details down to the hourly level by period.

Start building your first business case with Inpensa today!

Define Comprehensive Benefits

Failure to achieve benefits contemplated is the leading cause of project foundering. With Inpensa, project sponsors mitigate this risk at the outset through the unambiguous definition of benefits and associated metrics. The platform facilitates easy capture of details on the extent and timing of benefits such as increased revenue, decreased costs, and avoidance of otherwise anticipated expenses.


Also, business KPIs can be defined and identified for tracking. Baseline values and dates alongside target values and timelines outline these critical metrics.

Validating Alignment and Determining Prioritization

The Inpensa Platform includes capabilities essential to complementing the financial aspects of business cases to facilitate assessment and prioritization.  Strategic alignment is captured by defining goals and objectives at the corporate level.

Project sponsors align proposals with one or more goals and objectives. Decision-makers use alignment information to validate that strategies are receiving funding and attention relative to importance and other factors.

Organizations can visualize all initiatives in a program, business unit, or portfolio with an easy to understand quadrant view. The Platform generates the quadrant view automatically using a rubric that captures the strategic value and ability to execute.

These values and relative weighting for each item are configured to company criteria, providing a clear view of high-value initiatives likely to succeed.

The platform eliminates the need to aggregate data from different spreadsheets. With a few clicks it provides the ability to aggregate multiple business cases over various periods and hierarchies and delivers an impact analysis in real-time.

Start building your first business case with Inpensa today!