Actionable Analytics
and Real-Time KPIs

Stakeholders at all levels across the full investment governance life-cycle gain valuable insights through Inpensa’s actionable analytics and KPIs configured for an organization’s specific needs.

Configured for an Organization’s Specific Needs

Role-based access automatically delivers views targeted for business or functional segments and an individual’s position in the hierarchy.

All views are derived directly from real-time data, so information is always current and certified accurate. Inpensa eliminates labor-intensive, error-prone processes to manually extract and aggregate data from multiple off-line systems to produce presentation-quality graphics. With Inpensa, reporting and presentation are integrated throughout the end to end investment governance process.

The Inpensa Platform includes a full range of data analysis and visualization capabilities to address requirements at all levels of the organization.


Dashboards provide essential high-level analytics in a tabular or graphical format. Also, Dashboards can include an action center listing items requiring attention and a running list of key initiatives under development.

Graphical Scorecard

Other dashboard views illustrate initiative performance through a graphical scorecard highlighting the most significant investments in terms of cost, benefit or other criteria.

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Graphical Reports

Throughout the full investment life-cycle, the Inpensa Platform includes graphical analytics providing insight and context, making it easy to visualize net benefit trends and move between graphical and tabular representations to illustrate cash flow, cost and benefit breakdown, and more.


Configured KPIs meet a range of needs, such as essential financial metrics, tracking of measurable business outcomes, or project health.

Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting

Even with a full range of production reports and analytics, project teams and managers occasionally encounter one-time or new requirements.

Inpensa offers powerful ad hoc reporting capabilities specially designed for the Digital Investment Governance Platform data model, providing flexibility to deliver further analysis at the point of need.

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