on May 2, 2024 in Capital Planning

Remote Work Frees Up Capital Budget

The paradigm shift from office right-sizing to office downsizing continues to prevail despite an official end to the pandemic.  It is crystal clear to everyone that capital investment in corporate space has significantly diminished over the last decade.  In fact, larger, more progressive organizations were way ahead of the curve years before we witnessed an involuntary shift to remote work.  The goal to embrace improved work-life balance led to the evolution from cubicles to open floor plans to generic, shared coworking space.  Regardless of when corporate parks and sprawling headquarters began to disappear, the redeployment of that capital continues.

Fortunately, as capital investment moved away from corporate build out and redesign, other formerly neglected options rose in opportunity.  Ideas that were shelved or deprioritized suddenly received life-saving financial CPR.  However, these resuscitated initiatives would now require updated baselines and projected returns, new approval requirements and additional collateral.  If capital planning is manually managed on spreadsheets that constantly traverse company email servers, the post-CPR initiatives could quickly wind up back on life-support, failing to hit at the right time.

A purpose-built capex management solution that is dynamically client-configurable would bypass triage and quickly enable facilitators to make fact-based decisions.  Inpensa has delivered that solution.  It was designed and engineered by former FP&A executives from one of the nation’s largest financial institutions.  With Inpensa as your SaaS based system of record, reaction to change is immediate and accurate.  Configurable workflow changes, approval gates and client specific taxonomy are just a few reasons to schedule a demo.

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