Collaborating on Business Cases Remotely

Remote Business Case Collaboration

During these challenging times, many people are working remotely. While working remotely has its benefits it also has its challenges, specifically when it comes to collaborating on developing business cases that require input from multiple sources.

It’s easier to collaborate when you are in the office and can walk down the hall and speak with the finance teams, project lead, or other key stakeholders.  After all, their input is critical to developing an accurate and concise business case. Inpensa makes collaborating on business cases remotely easy.

Collaboration Tools

Of course, we have all gotten familiar with using Slack, Webex or Zoom, and other collaboration tools in an attempt to try to make our lives easier while remaining productive.

These tools have made a significant difference in bridging several of the most common communication gaps.

However, when you have version 12 of a business case and need updated numbers from the real estate, technology team, or finance team while making sure everyone is viewing the most recent version then a better solution is needed to ensure nothing breaks. You want to ensure the business case is not presented with outdated numbers or inadvertently underrepresent a group completely.

Business Case Collaboration with Inpensa

Inpensa has a purpose-built business case management solution that solves the collaboration challenge. With this solution, multiple groups can collaborate and work on a single version business case simultaneously.

They can communicate directly, capture assumptions, and input accurate data from the comfort of their remote working space.

With companies revisiting their initiative spend and recasting their budgets, the ability to provide accurate results with like-for-like comparisons has become paramount. We are seeing companies across all industries focus on improving their business case process and tighten the level of standardization and governance.

Digital Platform That Helps

The founders of Inpensa decided that the traditional way of collaborating on businesses was too manual, offline, and lacked standardization so they created a digital platform that is helping Fortune 1000 companies across the world develop better business collaboration on all their cases and ultimately make better investment decisions.

So, if you are working remotely and wondering if your teammates are working with the latest version of the business case; have updated the financials or benefits; or need more governance around your investment process check out Inpensa’s business case solution.

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