Governance and Integration

Strategic investments move through the entire life-cycle using the Inpensa Platform’s management and integration framework.

Institutionalization of an organization’s governance model is captured and configured, supporting the ideal balance of standardization and automation with transparency and accountability.

Automated Data Capture and Progressive Disclosure

Inpensa Platform governance capabilities extend to the foundational data level.

Intelligent data capture drives automation and fidelity, presenting users with valid data type selections and values.  Each election determines appropriate values for items that follow, ensuring data entry occurs correctly the first time and every time.

Automated Information

Automated information capture extends from the data element to the overall initiative, with rules determining the level of detail required based on attributes such as level of cost contemplated or level of benefits certification needed by type and value.

The system presents users with information capture and evaluation requirements that correspond to a specific business case.

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Rule-Based Routing and Access Profiles

Fully configurable production workflow supports routing at any level of complexity with associated rules. Access profiles are role-based, making it easy to document and implement complex approval chains.

Together, these capabilities allow conditional routing that may depend, for example, on the level of investment funds requested, with further routing based on approval chain participants for a particular business unit or functional area. Access is controlled from the analyst level up to the C-level.

Audit and Tracking

Inpensa supports robust audit and tracking capabilities throughout the platform.  Modifications at the data value level can be visualized in a single click to understand item history in detail.

Recording workflow action at each step, the system documents associated user, activity and time stamp.

Together, these capabilities ensure the transparency and visibility required for optimal collaboration and accountability.


Robust Integration

Essential information from other systems of record incorporates easily into the Inpensa Platform through a robust REST API.

This integration capability supports bidirectional data flow between Inpensa and a range of systems, including financials, PPM, and more.  Also, Inpensa supports systems-level integration to ensure security and ease access through single sign-on (SSO) and Microsoft Active Directory.

Talk to an expert about enhancing your Investment Governance process with Inpensa
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