Asset Tracker

Inpensa’s Capex Management Platform is unique in the marketplace from the fact that it reflects a complete 360 degree of capex lifecycle. The Asset Tracker module keeps track of capital assets procured during execution and effectively manages their replacements toward their end of life.

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While the Capex Request and Capex Tracker together enable the full life cycle of individual investments, the primary focus of the Asset Tracker module is to manage the capital assets that were planned, procured, and commissioned as part of investment execution.

Any capital asset that goes into operations is typically depreciated over a period of its useful life that can span across years and decades. For example, the life of a roof of the building can be depreciated up to 20 to 25 years. The Asset Tracker module keeps track of all the assets that were put in service and maintains depreciation / amortization schedule for their useful life.  Also, it keeps track of which assets need to be renewed / replaced and can automate the renewal process.

Companies are under increasing pressure to optimize their capital expenditures to fund more growth investments – not doing so can be an existential threat.
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