Performance Tracker

In order to maximize the ROI of your investments you must have the ability to track your project's overall performance.

With Inpensa you can track financial benefits such as cost savings, cost avoidance and revenues. You can also track and measure business outcomes related to your project and use the data to make course correction as needed along the way.

Stakeholders at all levels across the full investment governance life-cycle gain valuable insights through Inpensa’s actionable analytics and KPIs configured for an organization’s specific needs.

  • Manage the outcome of large multi-year CapEx projects.
  • View performance dashboards and KPIs at the stakeholder or executive level.
  • Use the data to identify projects that are on-track and those that are falling behind or at risk of major budget overrun.
  • Track business outcomes related to the projects and adjust investment level as needed.
  • Go beyond the project set-up period and track business outcomes post implementation to ensure the proposed business value is being achieved.
Measure CapEx Project Performance
Track Benefits & Business Outcomes
Use Data

Performance Dashboard

Dashboards provide essential high-level analytics in a tabular or graphical format. Also, Dashboards can include an action center listing items requiring attention and a running list of key initiatives under development.

  • Track monthly/quarterly actuals
  • Track actual to plan variance analysis
  • Be prepared with executive level KPIs

Graphical Scorecard

Other dashboard views illustrate initiative performance through a graphical scorecard highlighting the most significant investments in terms of cost, benefit or other criteria.

  • Track investment benefits and results
  • Manage investment outcomes post implementation
  • Drive accountability and efficiency


Configured KPIs meet a range of needs, such as essential financial metrics, tracking of measurable business outcomes, or project health.

Self-Service Ad Hoc Reporting

Even with a full range of production reports and analytics, project teams and managers occasionally encounter one-time or new requirements.

Inpensa offers powerful ad hoc reporting capabilities specially designed for the Digital Investment Governance Platform data model, providing flexibility to deliver further analysis at the point of need.

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